MSE at a Glance

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MSE at a Glance

This website is an ongoing collaboration between Mystic Seaport and a growing community of educators. Working together, we aim to bring the treasures and resources of Mystic Seaport out of the Museum and into classrooms and homes across the country.

The MSE Project represents a shift from delivering content in a static, one-way manner to a more participatory learning model that fosters shared authority, merging the expertise of museum staff with the standards-based needs of classroom educators. In the MSE planning phase, Mystic Seaport worked with over 140 educators, parents and students in a series of 56 co-creation workshops. Their ideas and feedback have shaped the development of the MSE website. All content on this website has been and will continue to be developed by educators and museum staff. Please check back in the future, as we continue to add new content regularly.

Click here to watch a video about the Mystic Seaport for Educators Summer Content Creation Program.  Application for the 2017 program can be found here.  

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