Music of the Sea

Meet Mystic Seaport's Chantey Staff

A repeat of our popular PD program from last spring... with a few new additions!

Sing along with one of Mystic Seaport’s renowned staff musicians in a program of traditional songs from the sea, including ballads, dance tunes, and the shipboard work songs that came to be known as chanties. Our chantey staff can bring your curriculum to life with stories told through music. From the working music of the deep water sailors and coastal fisherman, to the tales of westward expansion through our inland waterways, to the cultural influences of music brought from far-flung ports, America’s rich musical heritage owes much to the way in which seafarers and river mariners carried music, musical instruments, and musicians from place to place. Teachers are invited to become crew members as they join in a chorus, picture the events in a ballad or use a chantey to mime the hard work of a sailor.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019
4:30-6:30 pm
Mystic Seaport, please RSVP for details.

Pizza and beverages will be provided.  

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