Connecticut’s Unsung Heroes

with Barbara Jarnagin, Assistant Director for School & Family Programs

Connecticut was and still is a very inventive state full of ingenious people. There are many Connecticut citizens who have invented great things to make our lives safer, easier, and fairer. What was it about the small developing towns in this small state that produced such big thinkers?

With direct ties to the Connecticut Social Studies Frameworks, "Connecticut's Unsung Heroes" is a new program for grades 2-8, tailored to your town’s history, introducing new vocabulary and examining products of the town, region and state. Through hands-on activities, students will understand why their town developed over time in the way that it did and what their hometown’s claim to fame was by discussing famous people and inventions that came from their town. They will  learn what industries have come and gone in their town as well as our state and why, and learn how their town’s inventions and people contributed to the growth and strength of the state and the country.  In addition, students will learn how the geography of the state (soil, water, natural resources, etc.) and the locations of major towns directly correlate to the concentrations of revolutionary ideas.

During this Professional Development session, teachers will have a chance to make one of Connecticut’s popular products, as well as have a local geography lesson, 19th century style.

(Image by L. L. Poates Eng. Co. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)


Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Mystic Seaport, please reserve spot for more info

Pizza and beverages will be provided for participants so please RSVP to Krystal Rose to find out the location and more details. Contact info below.

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