Finding Your Way: Navigation at Sea

with Treworgy Planetarium Supervisor, Brian Koehler, and Assistant Director of School & Family Programs, Barbara Jarnagin

Last year, the Mystic Seaport Museum hosted an exhibit called, “Ships, Clocks, and Stars: The Quest for Longitude”. On loan from the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, the exhibit allowed us to tell the story of maritime navigation like never before.

While the exhibit has moved on, the opportunity to teach navigation remains, and the Museum’s Education Department has designed two new on-site programs for school groups – “Explorers and Navigators” for grades 2-4, and “Finding Our Way: Navigation at Sea” for grades 5-12.

This workshop will introduce teachers to each program, before allowing them to experience a hybrid combination of elements from both. Teachers will experience activities including chartwork, taking a compass bearing, determining speed using a chip log, and measuring angles using a sextant.

(Image:  Captain Benjamin Cleveland with sextant.  © Mystic Seaport, 1973.189.60.)


Wednesday, December 14, 2016
4-6 pm
Mystic Seaport, please reserve spot for more info

Pizza and beverages will be provided for participants so please RSVP to Krystal Rose to find out the location and more details. Contact info below.

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Please contact Krystal Rose:, 860.572.0711 ext. 5025.