Scaling the Solar System

with Treworgy Planetarium Supervisor, Brian Koehler

One of the most powerful concepts in astronomy is the concept of scale. Our planet Earth seems so large sometimes, and yet in the grand scheme of things we are one of the tiniest dots in a vast universe. To convey this concept to students, the Treworgy Planetarium has crafted a new in-school program called, “Scaling the Solar System."

This workshop will introduce teachers to our new program, which draws on multiple disciplines – science, math, and visual arts – to create a unique perspective of our most local address in the universe. Visual aids, which are constantly being updated from the latest NASA missions, provide awe-inspiring, full-color displays of each unique member of our Solar System. Teachers can also learn how to make a kinesthetic model of the Solar System, with students playing the roles of celestial bodies, in a variety of school spaces (classroom, hallway, gymnasium).

(Image by Rick Guidice [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)


Wednesday, May 10, 2017
4-6 pm
Mystic Seaport, please reserve spot for more info

Pizza and beverages will be provided for participants so please RSVP to Krystal Rose to find out the location and more details. Contact info below.

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Please contact Krystal Rose:, 860.572.0711 ext. 5025.