Teacher Fellow Position for Sailor Creators and the Sea as Studio at Mystic Seaport Museum

Application Instructions Below

Date posted: October 18, 2019

Mystic Seaport Museum is currently accepting applications for a Teacher Fellow position to create online materials for students and teachers, for our upcoming exhibit, Sailor Creators and the Sea as Studio.  The materials will be featured on the Mystic Seaport for Educators Website.

The ideal candidate will have a background in interdisciplinary learning and an interest in history and material culture.  The project would begin in January 2020 and would involve working with the exhibit’s curator as well as other Museum staff in exhibits, collections, and education.  The project will involve the creation of materials in an online resource set, including artifact articles, videos, maps, and lesson plans.  The fellow contributions should be completed by the end of April, to prepare online materials before the exhibit opens in June of 2020. The fellow will also participate in leading a teacher professional development program in the exhibit. There is a $1,000 stipend for the completed project. 

Summary of Exhibit

Sailors have created art on long voyages for centuries. Sailor-made art exploded in the 1800s, as more merchant vessels plied the world’s oceans, whaling voyages took men away from home for years at a time, and naval crews responded to conditions on ships in war and peace. In the harsh working environment of the sea, self-taught sailor artists used the materials on hand to create decorative and utilitarian objects to express themselves, stave off boredom, and engage with the wider world.

This exhibit will explore the reasons why sailors made art at sea, and will emphasize the skill, creativity, and intentionality involved in the creation of these objects. Throughout the exhibit, visitors will be introduced to the ways that the working world of the ship and the social environment of shore inspired the art that sailors made. They will be encouraged to think about the common human impulse to create.

How to Apply

Candidates must currently be employed as a teacher in a K-12 classroom. Preference will be given to teachers who have not been involved in any other content creation programs at the Museum.

To apply, please fill out this Google Form and attach you resume: https://forms.gle/Yh29ce3ttUVVLwcSA

Applications will be accepted through December 20, 2019.

If you have difficulty completing the application form and uploading your resume, please contact Krystal Rose, krystal.rose@mysticseaport.org.