Scrimshaw Tooth showing the Ship Boston

zoomable artifact image here


Scrimshaw tooth decorated in many colors: red, blue, yellow, green, black. On one side there is an eagle with a shield breast and thirteen blue stars in a semicircle around the top and two red stars below.  Shows port view of three-masted ship, Boston written on transom, with a homeward bound pennant, two US flags, one US Union Jack, compass rose & written in red "WE ARE UNITED."

On the other side of tooth, there is a basket of flowers, thirteen stars in a semicircle below, leafy branch, compass rose, seated figure of Liberty holding a flag in her right hand, "HOPE" written above, anchor, lighthouse, stern view of ship, new moon, arrow, semicircular sunburst with eagle above. On one edge there is a man holding a US flag with a new moon above. On the other side, there is a Masonic symbol of square & compass, sun face below, two glasses & a carafe, two crossed pipes above, "PEACE & PLENTY" written above.