Scrimshaw Walrus Tusk with Patriotic Motifs

Made by Nathaniel Sylvester Finney (1813-1879)

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Walrus tusk by Nathaniel Sylvester Finney (1813-1879).  Obverse - From bottom to tip, the images are:  A figure of Columbia with "(E plu)ribus unum" on pedestal; eagle with motto on ribbon; General Washington, soldier, eagle and flag; "Liberty" on base; female figure above; small eagle at tip.  On reverse:  Monument to the Pilgrims; Landing of the Pilgrims; General Banks; eagle and motto; Commodore Foote; Neptune; eagle and shield; small bird and floral motif at tip.  Etchings colored with blue and red ink.

Finney was born in Plymouth, MA.  He had a whaling career of almost thirty years and created many pieces of intricately carved scrimshaw.