Scrimshaw Tooth Engraved with the Ship John Coggeshall of Newport

Attributed to Thomas L. Albro

zoomable artifact image here


Sperm whale tooth, heavily engraved on front with large sperm whale above two whaleships and six whaleboats engaged in whaling. Marked: "Ship/ John Coggeshall of. Newport. R. I./ Sperm Whale/ T. L. ALBRO". At left is scene of mid-ocean rockpile, "French Rock/ Lat. 31 degrees 30' South/ Long 179 degrees 9" West", "hand of God" pointing out from a cloud. At top left is rough draft engraving of word "Ship". On reverse is scene of 3 whaleships, one cutting in whale, 2 other ships under sail. Sun appears from behind clouds. Scrimshander possibly Thomas L. Albro (b. 1806, Portsmouth, RI), a Newport mariner. Along bottom "Pilot Fish, Dolphin, Blackfish, Billfish,/ Flying Fish, Albacore, Porpoise, Shark,/ Sea Serpent" & sea turtle.