Scrimshaw Tooth with Patriotic Figure of Columbia

Made by Nathaniel Saxton Morgan

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Tooth with patriotic figure of Columbia, along with eagle grasping banner bearing motto "HOPE". Touches of red on cheeks of figure and on plume of helmet. Motto above inscribed "DoN'T GiVe UP THe," with disembodied hand pointing to broadside portrait of American ship on reverse. Image after William Brady, "The Kedge-Anchor or Young Sailors' Assistant" (New York, 1841 et seq.), with the eagle but sand anchor.

A similar figure of Columbia in various contemporaneous issues of "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" differs in several minor details.

This piece was engraved by Nathaniel Saxton Morgan, crew member aboard New London whaleship Hannibal, 1849-1851. (Ex-packet ship built 1821-1822.) See also MSM Library Collection for journal by Morgan for same voyage. Voyage was 9/6/1849-3/21/1851 to Indian & No. Pacific.