Cane with a Carved Hand

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Cane with wood shaft and ivory handle carved in the form of a woman's hand with wrist and cuff. Hand is oriented downwards so that it appears to be grasping the top of the wood shaft. Hand has carved detail of finger nails, a bracelet on the wrist with spiral ridges, and topped with a bloused cuff with incised lines to suggest folds/pleats in the fabric. Inset void on top surface of handle with extant adhesive residue suggests the presence of an inlaid piece of material; no such material present. Stained and varnished dark wood shaft is octagonal, with eight flat sides tapering towards bottom.

Ferrule is silver-colored metal upper with shorter, copper alloy base. Secured with copper alloy pin near top of ferrule. Cane from collection of material related to Jibboom Club.