Scrimshaw Tooth Engraved with a Ship at Sea

zoomable artifact image here


Scrimshaw tooth originally on wooden stand.  Tooth is double sided with vertical images. On one side, there is a detailed etching of a man on horseback, with a bird (possibly a hawk) perched on his left arm. The man is wearing a checkered coat with striped pants, and a black hat with red feathers. There is a tree on either side of the horse, and a garland of red flowers connecting the two trees. Rolling hills in the background. In the foreground, there is a picket fence, with a row of bushes in front of it.

On the opposite side, there is an etching of a three-masted ship at sea during a storm. There are large waves below the ship, and two red lightning bolts amidst black clouds above the ship. The foremast is flying a red and white checkered signal flag; the mainmast is flying three signal flags—one red and black, with diagonal divide; one red and black with vertical divide; and one white with a red dot in the center. There is an American flag flying from the mizzen. In the background, there is a hilltop which seems to also be flying an American flag, along with the same combination of three signal flags as the mainmast.

Inside the cavity of the tooth is a sticker which reads “916”; the same number is also written on the bottom edge of the tooth. The tooth sits on an oval shaped wooden platform, with a small pole or pin for stabilization.