Container Ship Model: Austral Envoy

zoomable artifact image here


Waterline model of Farrell Lines container ship Austral Envoy (built 1972); wood model, built up in lifts with black topsides, red bottom, white bootstripe, marooon decks, includes anchors, bollards, cargo masts, cargo booms, vents, containers, life boats, bridge with blue decks, deck railings, bow and funnel painted in Farrell Lines livery, ladders, aft canopy, displayed in a glass case on wood base with brass name plaque off starboard bow "FARRELL LINES INCORPORATED/ AUSTRAL ENVOY/ AUSTRAL ENSIGN/ AUSTRAL ENDURANCE/ AUSTRAL ENTENTE"; silver placque fastened to base off stern "MODEL BUILT BY:/ ARTHUR G. HENNING, Inc./ MOUNT VERNON NEW YORK"; sticker attached to top of glass case off stern "FL/SM013/ AUSTRAL ENVOY/ Custom built waterline ship model./ D. Cappozalo-office; 12th fl."; sticker attached to side of glass case off starboard bow "PERSONAL PROPERTY OF/ JAMES A., JR. AND JOHN/ J. FARRELL FAMILY".