Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 8

Separating the "Junk" from the "Case"

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Photograph of cutting in a sperm whale on board whaling bark California.  Photo is glued to manilla mount with a caption cut from publication and glued to reverse of manilla.  Reads: "9 CUTTING IN A SPERM WHALE / Separating the 'junk' from the 'case'. The 'junk' is the lower section of / the head next to the scalp bone. This piece weighed about eight tons." Handwritten in lower right "Copyright 1903/ H.S. Hutchinson & Co."; lower left "9". Three men visible. From publication "CUTTING IN A WHALE A SERIES OF TWENTY-FIVE PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN ON BOARD BARK CALIFORNIA"; Photographs Copyrighted 1903 by H. S. Hutchinson & Co, publishers and booksellers in New Bedford, Mass.; Whaling.