"U.S. Immigration Station, Honolulu," 1910

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A colored postcard of 2 red-roofed buildings in Sand Island, Honolulu, Hawaii. Printed in red at upper left corner is "U.S. Immigration Station, Honolulu". The building in background bears the name "UNION FEED CO., LTD./ RAY ANDERSON". Diamond Head is seen in the background. The reverse has 1-cent postage stamp, and is postmarked "HONOLULU/ HAWAII/ JAN 13/ 3-PM/ 1910". Printed on reverse left edge is "Wall, Nichols & Co., Ltd., Publishers, Honolulu. Made in Germany./T. Chrome. No. 63".  On the back is also a handwritten message to Miss Ida Harms of Reading, Ohio from Ed at Fort Ringer, HI.