"Heroic Stonington"

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Oil painting "Heroic Stonington" by G. B. Mitchell (1872-1966). Shows a phase of the Battle of Stonington, on late afternoon of 8/9/1814. The British fleet, comprising of bomb ketch TERROR, frigate PACTOLUS, 44 guns, flagship RAMILLIES, 74 guns, and brig DESPATCH 22 guns (in right, behind RAMILLIES). DESPATCH was commanded by Sir Thomas M. Hardy, a veteran British officer who had commanded the VICTORY at Trafalgar, on which Adm. Nelson was killed. British fleet was repelled by Stonington militia who only had, beside their muskets, two 18 lb. and one 6 lb. cannon. Loss of life aboard the fleet was heavy while the militia had but one man wounded. Bombardment continued for 3 days, when the British fleet sailed away (Aug. 12). One of the worst defeats suffered by the Brits in the War of 1812. Signed lower left: G B Mitchell.