Line Drawing of Crimps and Sailors

zoomable artifact image here


Black and white line drawing on cardboard of four crimps (people employed to supply ship's crews) unloading three drunken sailors and their gear by a sailing ship.  In the center is a two-horse wagon. In the background, two men watch from a warehouse marked: "PEABODY" above the door.  Masts of other ships are visible.  Clothing depicted in the image would indicate late 19th or early 20th century. Signed in lower right corner: "C. ROSNER." On the back is a sketch in pencil of a vessel. This is part of a series of illustrations done by C. Rosner (1894-1975) for Yachting magazine. Born in Langendorf, Germany, Rosner sailed five times around Cape Horn on square riggers and served as a Merchant Marine officer before settling down on Long Island to become an artist.