Tintypes of the Frederick Smith Family

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Eighteen tintypes in a white whalebone frame, c. 1864. Belonged to Captain Frederick Howland Smith of South Dartmouth, MA. Captain Smith's picture is in center showing him in his Civil war uniform. His wife, Sally, is pictured at top right hand of frame. Captain Smith reportedly kept this frame of pictures in his cabin on the bark Ohio. Frederick Howland Smith (1840-1924) went to sea as cabin boy of a whaleship at age 14. After rising through the ranks and serving in the army during the Civil War he commanded his first ship at age 29. He went on to become captain of the bark Ohio, and his wife joined him at sea after his first voyage. Sallie kept a journal of their voyages as Frederick spent his days working and making scrimshaw. The bark Ohio was built in Rochester, Massachusetts in 1833. She was lost in the Arctic Ocean in 1889.