Painting of Whaleboat New Bedford

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A framed oil painting of the modified whaleboat New Bedford, with Captain Crapo and his wife visible in the stern, battling rough seas.  The masts of two other ships can be seen in the distance on either side.  The signature in the lower left corner reads "C.S. Raleigh/ 1878".

Captain Crapo, a former seaman, and his Scottish-born wife sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1877 in the 19'7" long modified New Bedford, whose two masts were rigged with leg o' mutton sails.  They encountered continuous gales, refused all offers to be towed or carried by passing ships, and finally anchored off Newlyn on the Cornish coast of england after 51 days at sea.  This painting is from a sketch done by the mate of the Cunard steamer Batavia, which passed the New Bedford as they made their journey.