Community Member Profile: Carol Ambrosch

Ledyard Center School
Ledyard, CT

About Carol Ambrosch

Carol Ambrosch teaches 3rd grade at Ledyard Center School in Ledyard, CT.  She has been involved with Mystic Seaport for many years as the organizing teacher for her school’s annual 3rd grade trips.  Recently, she has reworked the student objective during these visits by using photographs of buildings and artifacts found on the grounds of the Seaport.  This more focused approach was hailed a great success with the teachers, students, and Seaport interpreters and staff.  In addition, Carol has been involved with Mystic Seaport for Educators since its inception and has been a participant on the Seaport’s Teacher Advisory Board.

Originally from New York City, she began her undergraduate work at Pace University in lower Manhattan.  She continued her degree work and graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Human Development from Connecticut College after a 20 year hiatus, raising two sons and teaching at a local nursery school for 13 years.  She later received an MA in Education from Sacred Heart University.

Carol currently lives in Mystic, devoting much of her time to gardening and dancing … when she’s not planning lessons or researching bits of history.

 Along with Terry Samokar, she helped oversee the restoration and outfitting of a one-room schoolhouse on the grounds adjacent to Ledyard Center School. She has done much research on local Ledyard history particularly the one-room schoolhouses and their consolidation into what is now Ledyard Center School, which culminated in her Master’s Project.  She has also served as the liaison/chair of the Center Schoolhouse Committee on the Ledyard Historic District Commission for several years and was a member of the Ledyard Historical Society and guest presenter. 

On being a part of the MSE Fellows Team, Carol says, "Carving out a piece of my life to share with Mystic Seaport has been such a fun challenge.  It has helped me expand my horizons and delve deeper into numerous 'rabbit holes' as I get to connect the dots that are woven throughout our local past.  I’m in awe of the other educators that I have worked with, and I’m proud to be a part of this community of 'sharers of learning' ."

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