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Providence, Rhode Island

About Christina O'Brien

Christina (Tina) O'Brien is a high school history teacher at North Providence High School in North Providence, Rhode Island. She currently teaches American History and Western Civilization. She received her undergraduate degrees in secondary education and history at the University of Rhode Island and her Masters degree in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning at Rhode Island College. She has been teaching since 2009 and luckily enough, each of those years has been at the same school so she really feels a bond between her students and the faculty. Tina considers herself to be a bubbly, energetic person who pours passion into her teaching.

Tina is a self-proclaimed lover of meaningful professional development, so she is thankful to be welcomed into the Mystic Seaport education community. She consistently looks for ways to always be a student and to learn as much as possible to share that knowledge with her students. She hopes that her work as a Luce Fellow will inspire middle school and high school students to "think like a historian" by using primary and secondary source artifacts as well as articles to piece together the complexity of America's past.

Tina loves to travel and is adamant about place-based learning so she tells her students constantly how important exploration is both inside and outside of the classroom. The more places people get to experience, the more real history becomes and the personal connects to the past can truly come to life! Museums such as Mystic Seaport play such a rich role in making sure historical knowledge gets passed on in a meaningful and engaging way.

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