Community Member Profile: Sarah Kate Walkup

Pomperaug Elementary School
Southbury, CT

About Sarah Kate Walkup

Sarah Kate Walkup has been an educator in Regional School District 15 for 13 years. She is presently serving as an Intervention Teacher Leader at Pomperaug Elementary School in Southbury. Previous to her current position, Sarah Kate Walkup worked as a middle school special education teacher and a grade four teacher. In addition to her role as an Intervention Teacher Leader, Walkup serves as a mentor for beginning teachers and collaborates with other mentors to review the reflective practices of novice educators. She also carries out the role of Lead Teacher and Technology Instructional Teacher Leader in her school building. In June 2014, Walkup earned her Sixth Year in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. She exemplifies the qualities of an effective educator and leader: dedicated, student-centered, personable and knowledgeable. Walkup is a lifelong learner who seeks out opportunities to deepen her knowledge of best instructional practice as well as the issues facing education today.

In  2015, Sarah Kate was named one of fourteen Connecticut Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalists and participated in a special three day professional development program at Mystic Seaport, designed specifically for the group.

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