Innovative Artists, Materials, and Tools

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As educators, we hope to guide students to make connections with art, history, and culture.  How can we do this in respectful and meaninful ways that engage students?  In this inquiry-based unit, five learner-centered activities have been developed to facilitate interest and understanding of the whaling culture by helping students get excited about asking questions and by making meaningful connections.  Students will critically view, analyze, and research scrimshaw created by sailors, create "deep" questions about the art and culture, and then virtualy partner via Skype with Mystic Seaport to discover answers to their inquiries and explore the innovative ways in which sailors created art. In culmination, students will create a work of art using unexpected materials or tools that reflect their own culture and/or community traditions.


Created By
Cheryl Iozzo, Ed.D
Grade Level
General Interest, History/Social Studies, The Arts

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Scrimshaw : Innovative Artists, Materials, and Tools

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