How does the Spanish Minister fill up this chasm in the evidence?  How does he link together this chain of title?  By nothing else, except the Governor Genls Passo, and this has been commented upon.  Now that official document is to serve the double purpose of proving property and title both:  And yet when we look on it again, and apply to it our judicial test, if the expression may be allowed, we find that instrument still is for Libenoes and not Bozals.  It contains on its face, an untruth.  The Govr Genl has not given a pass for these negroes!  And consequently these Bozals stand on the desk of the L'Amistad without any passo whatever.

                        For a familiar illustration of this legal result, take, if you please, a Bale of goods, for we will now call them good, and have it shipped and invoiced at Liverpool as cotton prints — they are entered here as cotton prints — or smuggled in — and then sold to an innocent purchaser, when it is discovered for the first time that "Broad cloths" compose the package.  These broad cloths may be taken from this innocent purchaser, libeled and forfeited.  Where is the remedy.  The purchaser goes back to the seller,