and he must take care of himself.  Who sold these Bozals to Don Jose Rues and took his twenty thousand from him?  I know not, but if he does, there is his remedy, if the sale of an article of goods to which he the seller had no title.  And suppose this seller has absconded, or refuses to refund the money, it may be a hard case for Mr. Rues, and yet caveat emptor is the well known maxim, and he must then set down by the loss, as many others are obliged to do.  The purchaser must be vigilant in the investigation of the property he buys.  If there had been vigilance in this case, Rues & Montes might have saved all their property — & the imminent hazard of life; and the Court might have been relieved from this heavy responsibility, which has been pressing it down for these four months.

                        Why did they not ascertain that these negroes were Bozals?  This has been the source of all these complicated sufferings, the tale of which will make the stoutest heart bleed!  Why did they  not ascertain that the law of Spain had declared these objects of their searc are not slaves?