It would only be a work of super exaggeration if by their own laws, they cannot enslave them, then it follows of necessity, they cannot be demanded.  When these facts are known by the Spanish Minister, he cannot but discover, that the subjects of his Queen, have acquired no rights in these men — they are not the property of Spain.  His demand must be withdrawn.  The very essence of his demand, consists in the supposed Spanish rights of property, in the thing demanded.  That being removed, by his own law, there can no longer be cause of complaint.

                        At all events, this cannot be expected at my hands, because the Supreme Court have always refused to surrender property, unless there was proof of title in the claimants.  The same rule applies equally to foreign and domestic claimants.  Title must be shewn in the property claimed, as belonging to the claimant or it cannot be surrendered.  The positions I have laid down here, are fully recognized.