(Via San Francisco)

Hong Kong April 29, 1879

Charles Mallory Evans

West Dennis

Cape Cod, Mass.  U. S. America


My Dear Son,

Your Mamma wrote me you told her to tell me you were a good boy.  I believe you are as Mamma does not deny it.  I love little boys that are good for if they keep on so they will be good men and your Mamma and me want our little boy to grow up into a good man.  I am pleased to hear you are going to be good to Mamma and I when you grow up.  I hope you will.  If little boys when they grow up to big ones will mind their mother and father they will be always sure of being good men.  I hope you are a good boy to Sister Irene and Mabel and that you love them.  I want my boys and girls to be kind to one another and to love each other when you are grown up.  I hope you will remember this always.  I want you to keep all the letters I write you so you can read them when you grow to be a man.  Well Charlie Papa is loading for New York and has in some cargo.  I cannot tell you when we will sail but I will write your Mamma when I know.  It will take a long time to come home from here as it is a long ways but I will get home as soon as I can as I want to see you all very much.  I suppose you will want to know about the little Chinese Boys.  They are not so large as you little American Boys are but they are quite smart.  They look very funny with their little heads shaved