all but one spot on the back and they let the hair grow as long as it will and they plait it into a tail and let it hang down behind.  Papa has a boat to wait on the ship but here they call a boat a Sam Pan.  In this boat little children are born live and die.  In the one I have is Mamma and Papa and six children the oldest not over 14.  You will see the Mamma with her baby strapped on her back sculling an oar and the girls work the same as the boys pull the oars hoist the sails and they can handle an oar or a sail and sheer as well as any boy or man I ever saw.  A little boy no larger than you has a baby as large as Mabel strapped on his and he plays as easy and as happily as if he had nothing on his back.  It is remarkable and you ought to see it to fully understand it.  Papa is having his picture painted for you so when you grow up you can have the picture of your Mother and Father as I intend getting your Mammas painted.  I also have a picture of the ship for you to look at and I have some Kites for you to fly.  All these things if you are a good boy will be yours.  I must stop now as I must write some other letters.  I may write Irene but if I should not this mail I will by the next as I do not want any of you to feel slighted.  Good night my little Son and God bless you and all the others.  Put both arms around Mammas neck and give her one good kiss for me also to Irene, Mabel, Lizzie and Jennie. B. Sylvanus & Joe.


Your Affectionate Father,

Wm Evans