Staten-Island, May 1st, 1826



To be observed on board of all vessels directed to ride at


  1.  Colours must be worn in the main shrouds of all vessels at Quarantine until the Commander shall be furnished with a Bill of Health.

  2.  All persons whatever belonging to a vessel at Quarantine, are strictly prohibited from going on shore, except at the Health-Office wharf, unless by permission of the Health Officer.

  3.  All persons whatever belonging to a vessel at Quarantine, are forbid to take on board with them any person who did not arrive in such vessel ; and all passengers, or other persons, who live on shore, are also prohibited from going on board their own vessel, except by permission of the Health Officer.

  4. All communication between vessels put under Quarantine is expressly prohibited.

  5. No boat shall be permitted to come on shore without an officer in it, and only between sun-rising and sun-setting, unless in cases of distress or sickness ; and all boats must be alongside, or on board, by sun-down. The bell on the Health-Office boat-house will be rung ten minutes before sun-down, to give notice for all boats to go off to their respective vessels.

  6. On Sundays all boats must put off to their vessels by ten o'clock in the morning, when the bell will be rung to give such notice, and the boats must not come to shore again before six o'clock in the evening.

  7. No boat or craft is permitted to go along side of a vessel at Quarantine, for any purpose whatsoever, except the Master thereof shall have a written permit from the Health-Officer.

  8. Provisions and other necessaries intended to be sent on board of a vessel at Quarantine, must be embarked from the Health-Office wharf only, except the Health-Officer grants a special permit to proceed to any other wharf.

  9. No rum or spirituous liquors shall be sent or taken on board of vessels at Quarantine, except by an order from the commander of the vessel, signed by the Health-Officer.

  10. Commanders of vessels are accountable for all irregularities committed on board their respective vessels, and for the conduct of such of their people as they may send on shore ; and if any person shall elope from their vessel, a report thereof must be immediately made to the Health-Officer.

  11. Universal cleanliness must be constantly preserved on board.

  12. Wind-sails must be constantly kept up in each hatchway, and trimmed to the wind ; for every day they are neglected or ommitted (except on account of weather or discharging cargo,) as many additional days of Quarantine will be added.

  13. The bilge-water must be completely pumped out at least twice a-day, and water from along side be put in the pump, or any other more effectual manner, until the water so pumped out shall be clear, and free from any offensive smell.

  14. All foul weather apparel and bed-clothes of the passengers must be washed within the Quarantine limits-–and all wearing apparel and bed-clothes of the officers and seamen, must be washed and aired ; the beds of seamen emptied, and the ticks washed, when the filling may be put in again, if it is in good condition.

  15. The forecastles to be scrubbed, scraped, and then whitewashed throughout, except the floor.

  16. All passengers who intend to live on shore, during their Quarantine, are required to report to the Health-Officer, at his office, where they reside, immediately after they have engaged their lodgings, and to answer to the roll called at their boarding-houses at nine A.M. at three and seven P.M. under the penalty of additional day's Quarantine being added for every violation.

  17. All infractions of the foregoing rules will be punished as the law directs.

JOHN T. HARRISON, Health-Officer.