The first, the only one and probably the last you will see in a lifetime.



The Giant of the Gigantic Creations of the Universe.

A chapter of true and interesting facts about this greatest of all natural curiosities ever exhibited in the world:

IT is the only true "right whale" ever taken out of the water.

IT is the largest entire body ever landed by mortal man.

ITS length is over 60 feet. It weights over 40 tons: just think of this -- over 80,000 pounds.

IT is fully indorsed by the leading newspapers, not alone an honest exhibit of the rarest merit, but as the greatest of natural curiosities ever presented to the people of the world.

THIS great "Leviathan" is not exhibited in a hall on a main thoroughfare, for the same reason that "Moses went to the mountain."

THE enormous proportions of this greatest of the giants of nature precludes the possibility of its removal from the railway.

THEREFORE, it remains in the two great platform cars which, with the great timber fram, form its resting place, and a great building is especially erected for this extraordinary exhibition. -- Market St., betw. 20th & 21st Sts.

Exhibited in Chicago to over 140,000 people.

In Milwaukee to 43,000 in five days.

In St. Louis to 102,000 in eleven days.

In Cincinnati to 109,000 in eight days.

In Pittsburg to 121,000 in ten days.

And other cities.

THE people within 200 miles of Chicago made up excursions and chartered trains for the purpose of seeing the great whale.

500 clergymen availed themselves of this opportunity to see what sort of an abiding place Jonah had, and they were convinced that Jonah could have gone in on horseback if he wanted to.

SCHOOLS and colleges came in a body, and made sci-

entific comparisons.

SCIENTISTS corrected standard descriptions from this magnificent specimen of the greatest of all creations in the universe.

VETERAN whalers, who have been in the whaling business thirty years and more, came hundreds of miles to see it, admitting that although they had helped to kill and cut up hundreds of whales, this was the first opportunity they had ever had to examine a real genuine Right Whale at their leisure out of the water.

30,000 children in Chicago realized from this marvelous mammal the enormity of the wonderful and most powerful of all creatures, taking such fanciful shapes in their imagination from their thousands of allusions to this most extraordinary of all God's creations in fables, story, and school books.

ALL good people say that it is a heartless deprivation on the part of parents to fail to bring the little folks to give them the best and most practical lessons in natural history and at the same time satisfy their curiosity, awakened by the intensely interesting accounts with which their minds are filled by both romance and science.

WHERE THE WHALEBONE GROWS -- people who have never seen a whale imagine that the whalebone is derived from the internal body structure of the whale. This is an error. Whalebone grows in hundreds of great sheets in the whale's monstrous mouth.

THE dimensions of the mouth alone are: Length, 14 feet; breadth, 6 feet; spread, 20 feet.

WHERE THE GREAT AMERICAN STAPLE (WHALE OIL) COMES FROM. -- This magnificent exhibit also shows the great masses of blubber, in the natural state, from which whale oil is produced.

THE curious, and those seeking knowledge by actual observation, the only true source of learning, are enabled to examine the two great standard products which helped to make America famous in the early days in the commerce of the nations of the world.

THE tail and flukes, 14 feet across, are not the least interesting portion of this superb exhibit, being the terrible instrument of destruction, which, with a single blow, crushes the whalers' vessel and splinters the plank which alone stands between the bold mariner and eternity.


The pioneer inland whaler, Uncle Geo. Newton, will enterntain young and old with descriptions of the habits and capture of whales in general and of the "prince of whales in particular.

Time flies and millions are still in anxious anticipation.

Therefore our stay is


Sometimes a little money is a big object, especially when people have ten or fifteen children; therefore, and because we want Rich and Poor alike to enjoy this rarest of all rare sights, the prices of admission are fixed at the most popular standard;


The daily reception of the H.R.H., the Prince of Whales, will be from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. daily, commencing




MARKET STREET, between 20th and 21st Sts.

Market Street Cars pass by the door.