New London September 6.h 1839


Friend Osborn

              Before this reaches your I presume that you will be informed through the News Papers that I am in posession of a large family — about a week since a Spanish scooner called the Amistad was taken by the surveying Brig Washington + Brought with it here and having on Board & being in the possession of 42 Slaves with two Spanish Gentlemen on board, the further details of which I am now unable to give for want of time.  the slaves are bound over to the C Court to be held at Hartford on the 17 inst the schooner is Libelby Capt George in behalf of him self + crew of Brig Washington. — which I have in charge + have had to hoist out + take an inventory of all her cargo.  The Jury to Summon the prisoners to get to Hartford, + you can well imagine the work I have to perform + this too with-out any efficient help, at no tiem have I felt the need to my old friend Osborn more than at the present + I write to yurge you  if possible to come on at once + give me your aid which I have no doubt you will do if possible.  The authorities at Washington may order them given up at once + on the other hand there may be questions which will