High Sea Adventurers

Irving and Electa Johnson

Original content by: Shannon LaPoint

About This Map

High seas adventurers, Irving and Electa Johnson lived a unique life. Sailing around the world in their own vessel, the brigantine Yankee, the Johnsons shared their knowledge of the sea with a handpicked crew of amateur sailors from all across the country. Yankee alternated between 18 month circumnavigations (sailing around the world) and 18 months of sailing around the eastern seaboard, always to return to her homeport in Gloucester, Massachusetts. With a crew generally made up of four women, sixteen men, a doctor, Irving, Electa, and their two sons, Arthur and Robert, the Johnsons sailed around the world a total of seven times. This story map highlights selected ports from the Yankee’s sixth world voyage which took place from November 1953 to May 1955.