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image: blackfish_stranded Blackfish Stranded in Marsh Grass Artifact
image: scrimshaw_swordfish_sword Scrimshaw Swordfish Bill Sword Artifact
image: swordfish_bill_1876 Handpainted Swordfish Bill Artifact
image: oil_painting_coldstream_baker Ship COLDSTREAM, attributed to Elisha Taylor Baker Artifact
image: 1977_92_248 Organ Grinder Artifact
image: 1977_160_1784 Portrait of a Girl Artifact
image: 1985_99_10 "November Evening" Artifact
image: era_painting Frozen In Artifact Sally Motycka
image: 1981_5_26 Stereograph View of Pawcatuck River Artifact
image: mystic_river_map View of Mystic River Artifact
image: 1976_98 House and Barn, Old Mystic, CT, circa 1900 Artifact
image: 1977_92_251 Portrait of a Fire Department Chief Artifact
image: dry_card_compass Dry Card Compass Artifact
image: canoe_medal American Canoe Association Medal Artifact
image: photograph_cabinet_griswold Cabinet Photograph Artifact
image: cwm_signet_ring Signet Ring Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: ida_lewis_carving "Bravest Woman in America" Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: chase_lithograph Sperm Whaling Artifact Sally Motycka
image: book_carrier Book Carrier Artifact
image: oil_advertising_booklet Ezra Kelley's Celebrated Oils Artifact