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image: whale_oil_lamp Whale Oil Lamp Artifact
image: sailmaker Sailmaker Curtis Downes Artifact
image: dazzle_ships Dazzle Ships Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: 1977_92_508 John H. Hoxie, Foreman of B.F Hoxie Steam Fire Engine Co., Mystic, CT, circa 1887 Artifact
image: photograph_cabinet_griswold Cabinet Photograph Artifact
image: 1977_160_2087 William S. Grant's Bakery Wagon, Mystic, CT 1868 Artifact
image: 1977_92_288 Harry Jones's Airplane Makes a Stop in Mystic Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: 1939_383_3_4_5 Carved Ivory and Coconut Pitcher and Sugar Bowls Artifact
image: rum_bottle Rum Bottle Artifact
image: splint_basket Native American Splint Basket Artifact
image: mountains_fog "The mountains being enveloped in a fog" Artifact
image: hawaii_whaling_aquatint Whaling Vessels Among Sperm Whales off Hawaii Artifact
image: immigrant_suitcase Immigrant's Suitcase Artifact Emma Ritter
image: tattooing_instrument_tikopia Tattooing Instrument Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: ceramic_pagoda_urn_china Pagoda Shaped Chinese Urn Artifact
image: 1977_92_328 Airplane at Walter Fish farm, Mystic, Connecticut, circa 1910 Artifact
image: 1977_92_514 Livery stable of J.E.F. Brown, Water Street, Mystic, CT, circa 1878 Artifact
image: 1977_160_2102 Soldier's Monument, Mystic CT Artifact
image: 1985_99_1 "Drifting Down" Artifact
image: era_painting Frozen In Artifact Sally Motycka