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image: 1977_268_294 Cooperage Artifact
image: violin Violin Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: rev_powder_horn Revolutionary War Powder Horn Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: 1977_92_762 Farm Scene of Men Shucking Corn Artifact
image: austral_envoy Container Ship Model: Austral Envoy Artifact
image: stereoscope_mears Stereoscopes Artifact Carol Ambrosch
image: conch_shell Conch Shell Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: 1980_37_769 Portrait of "Jas. Day & Co." Artifact
image: insense_burner_carved_tusk Carved Tusk Incense Burner Artifact
image: 1978_81_1 Photograph of Cows in a Field Artifact
image: photograph_carte_de_visite Carte De Visite Artifact
image: pt_stonington_mitchell "Heroic Stonington" Artifact
image: denison_bird_collection Denison Bird Collection Artifact Amanda Keenan
image: 1977_92_849 Portrait of Mrs. James Turner, Laundress for Scholfield Family Artifact
image: war_bonds_poster "In Memory of the U.S.S. Dorado" Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: chromolithograph_cubanwaters Our Victorious Fleets in Cuban Waters Artifact
image: telescope_and_case_france Telescope and Case Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: thomas_cole_hornbook Capt. Thomas Cole's Hornbook Artifact
image: ezra_kelley_label Label for Ezra Kelley's Sewing Machine Oil Artifact
image: 1980_37_814 Portrait of "Edith Chappell" Artifact