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image: 1980_26_16 Children, Cart, Horse, and Carriage, Greenmanville Avenue Artifact
image: gelatin_kogmulluk_june1895_cook 1895 Photograph of Inuit Man and Children Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: 1983_77_11 Railroad Bridge on the Thames River at New London Artifact
image: bailing_case_sunbeam Bailing Case Aboard the Bark Sunbeam Artifact
image: cutting_in_right_whale_1 Cutting in a Right Whale: View 1 Artifact
image: cutting_in_right_whale_4 Cutting in A Right Whale: View 4 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_1 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 1 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_11 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 11 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_3 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 3 Artifact
image: aivilik_couple_winter Aivilik Inuit Couple in Winter Dress Artifact
image: shell_necklace_micronesia Shell Necklace Artifact
image: farnorth_pinksalmon_label_wa Pink Salmon Label Artifact
image: aquatint_capturing_sperm_whale Capturing Sperm Whale Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_4 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 4 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_8 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 8 Artifact
image: inside_snow_house Ippaktuq Tasseok and His Wife Artifact
image: harry_walrus_tusk Ippaktuq Tasseok Carving a Walrus Tusk Artifact
image: bear_claw_necklace Bear Claw Necklace Artifact
image: whale_processing_scenes Whale Species and Whale Processing Scenes Artifact
image: navy_firstlineofattack YOUR NAVY FIRST LINE OF ATTACK Artifact