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image: gordinier Dr. Glenn Gordinier Interview Macy Kleinfelder
image: bolster Dr. Jeffrey Bolster Interview Henry Kydd
image: norling Dr. Lisa Norling Interview Kathleen Neumann
image: mancini Dr. Jason Mancini Interview Laura Krenicki
image: rediker Dr. Marcus Rediker Interview Peter Emanuel
image: evans_letter Captain William Evans Letter Document Kelly Walsh
image: wilcox_letter Luis Norris Wilcox Letter Document Laura Krenicki
image: ingraham_notebook_pen_math Solomon Ingraham's Notebook Document
image: burrows_school_notebook_1850 School Notebook of Albert Crary Burrows Document
image: medicine_pamphlet Medicinal Pamphlet Document
image: giliperto_passport Passport and Stamped Photograph Document
image: henry_smith_letter Henry Smith's Letter Home Document Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: jp_articles Revenge's Articles of Agreement Document Sue Prince
image: fdr_spyglass "Eyes for the Navy" Document Emily Russell
image: millie_jenkins S. Millie Jenkins & Morning Star Document Laura Nadelberg
image: measles_letters Native Measles Epidemic Letters Document Melissa Stanley
image: tenedos_hawaii_shipping_articles Hawaiian Shipping Articles Document Heather Christie
image: sebastians_inspection_card Inspection Card for an Italian Immigrant Document
image: amistad_notes Notes from the Amistad Trial Document Kathleen Neumann
image: groton_essays Groton School Essays Document Henry Kydd