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image: 1995_135_5 Picnic Scene, Circa 1890 Artifact
image: immigrant_stereograph A Look at Immigration Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: 1980_37_898 Portrait of "Dan Sullivan and Wife" Artifact
image: era_cribbage_board Carved Cribbage Board Artifact
image: albumen_fort_trumbell_river_nl "Fort Trumbull from River" Artifact
image: gelatin_kogchild_sodhouse_cook 1895 Photograph of Inuit Child and Sod Houses Artifact
image: 1980_37_902 Portrait of "Mrs. C.D. Smith" with Bicycle Artifact
image: portrait_sidney_budington Portrait of Sidney O. Buddington Artifact
image: fleet_poster_treidler World War I Emergency Fleet Corporation Poster Artifact
image: 1980_26_26 Woman, Children, and Dogs with Cart in Greenman Front Yard Artifact
image: adv_howards_ssoysters_rominer Advertisement for Oysters Artifact
image: 1965_859_33 Charles A. Fenner's Patent Folding Boat Artifact
image: model_steamer_cyclone Model of the Mississippi River steamer Cyclone Artifact
image: arctic_doll_raincoat Gutskin Raincoat/Parka for Doll Artifact
image: 1980_37_280 Portrait of the Children of Mrs. Fred E. Newton Artifact
image: 1980_37_732 Portrait of "Ching Gow" Artifact
image: 1980_37_916 Portrait of "Josie Brown" Artifact
image: 1980_37_304 Portrait of Group of Children Artifact
image: 1980_37_738 Portrait of "Mr. Keys" Holding Violin Artifact
image: stereograph_pequothouse_nl Pequot House Artifact