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image: 1980_37_486 Portrait of "A.L. Day Boys" Artifact
image: 1994_77_295 Portrait of a Young Black Woman Artifact
image: benson_nautilus Captain Benson's Carved Nautilus Shell Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: tortoise_shell_cradle Sea Turtle Shell Cradle Artifact Laurie Hartnett
image: glass_clyster_syringe Glass Clyster Syringe Artifact
image: 1931_174 Greenmanville, 1874 Artifact
image: tintypes_frederick_smith_family Tintypes of the Frederick Smith Family Artifact
image: 1980_37_588 Portrait of "Max Jeager" Holding a Trumpet Artifact
image: 1977_160_1045 Portrait of a Boxer, "Finnegan" Artifact
image: monitor_patriotic_coin Patriotic Token Artifact
image: iceberg_jam "A Jam of Icebergs" Artifact
image: 1980_37_595 Portrait of "Fanny Johnson" Artifact
image: 1975_294_158 Portrait of a Man, Boxer Artifact
image: stereograph_groton_monument_ct Groton Monument, CT Artifact
image: chinese_bed Beds and Chinese Culture Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: tortoise_shell_glove_box Tortoise Shell Glove Box Artifact Heather Christie
image: painting_ship_samoset Packet Ship Samoset, ca. 1851 Artifact
image: 1980_37_599 Portrait of "Rosie Johnson" Artifact
image: 1980_26_23 Clark Greenman House, Mystic, CT Artifact
image: inuit_winter_dress Inuit in Winter Dress Artifact