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image: 1939_1846 Cane with Eagle Head Carving Artifact
image: 1939_1876 Scrimshaw Tusk, Figure of a Man Artifact
image: 1939_1986 Sewing Box Artifact
image: 1941_307 Scrimshaw Tooth by William Perry Artifact
image: 1977_92_1041 The Carte de Visite Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: whale_kidney_stone Whale Kidney Stone Artifact Dr. Leon Fay
image: 1939_1953 Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board Artifact
image: guano_trade_poster Soluble Pacific Guano Poster Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: 1812_seabag Embroidered Seabag Artifact Macy Kleinfelder
image: tintypes_frederick_smith_family Tintypes of the Frederick Smith Family Artifact
image: 1941_411 Scrimshaw Whale Tooth: "Battle of Lake Erie Perry's Victory" Artifact
image: 1941_435 Scrimshaw Tooth showing the Ship Boston Artifact
image: wr_grace_oil_painting W.R. Grace Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: rebecca_benson_dress Rebecca Benson's Dress Artifact Bethany Bonner
image: clara_benson_portrait Portrait of Clara Manter Benson Artifact
image: canton_painting Globalization and Mercantilism Artifact Kyle Pelletier
image: rebecca_benson_painting Portrait of a Captain's Wife Artifact Bethany Bonner
image: bark_martha_davis Bark Martha Davis Artifact
image: dana_underwear A Sailor's Underwear Artifact Tyler Putman
image: farnorth_pinksalmon_label_wa Pink Salmon Label Artifact