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image: 1982_1_2 Scrimshawed Baleen Busk Artifact
image: 1983_97 Scrimshaw Tooth: "Remember Me When Far Away" Artifact
image: 2000_6 Macrame Belt Artifact
image: 1984_99 Scrimshaw Tooth with Man, Woman, Patriotic Symbols Artifact
image: 1984_112_1 Scrimshaw Tooth with Patriotic Figure of Columbia Artifact
image: 1989_71_14 Baleen and Ivory Riding Crop Artifact
image: 1996_40_2 Mackerel Plow Artifact
image: 1996_160_1 Panbone Busk Artifact
image: 1996_160_5 Scrimshaw Tooth, "Free Trade and Sailor's Rights" Artifact
image: 1997_98_2 Cane with a Carved Hand Artifact
image: 2004_71_3 Scrimshaw Tooth of a Woman in a Dress Artifact
image: 2004_71_6a Scrimshaw Tooth Engraved with a Ship at Sea Artifact
image: 2013_72_11 Canvas Duffel Bag with Draw String Artifact
image: tortoise_shell_cradle Sea Turtle Shell Cradle Artifact Laurie Hartnett
image: 1976_124 Bringing a Load of Marsh Hay Up the Mystic River, 1899 Artifact
image: boomerang Boomerang Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: bl_pierce Bomb Lance by Eben Pierce Artifact
image: scrim_perry_constitution Whale Tooth Engraved with War of 1812 Battle Artifact
image: dh_ship_whale Digital Hallway: Math Connections of Container Ship / Whale Juxtaposition Video
image: celestial_navigation Celestial Navigation Video