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image: tenedos_hawaii_shipping_articles Hawaiian Shipping Articles Document Heather Christie
image: groton_essays Groton School Essays Document Henry Kydd
image: sebastians_inspection_card Inspection Card for an Italian Immigrant Document
image: amistad_notes Notes from the Amistad Trial Document Kathleen Neumann
image: lucy_stone_recollection George Greenman & Lucy Stone Document Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: maxson_letter Maud Maxson Letter Document Laurie Hartnett
image: whaling_contract Atlantic's Whaling Contract Document Ryan Chalifour
image: amistad_broadside The Capture of the Amistad Document Ryan Chalifour
image: clearance_1858 Hound's Clearance Certificate Document Ryan Chalifour
image: montague_letter Zebina Montague Letter Document Kathleen Neumann
image: whale_show George Newton's Whale Show Document Vera Cecelski
image: stephen_bolles_letter Stephen Bolles Letter Document Mimi Houston
image: george_lawley_indenture Indenture of George F. Lawley Document Heather Christie
image: quarantine_rules Quarantine Rules Document Ryan Chalifour
image: ezra_pride_deposition Deposition of Ezra Pride Document
image: cwm_ship The Charles W. Morgan Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: boomerang Boomerang Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: bl_pierce Bomb Lance by Eben Pierce Artifact
image: scrim_perry_constitution Whale Tooth Engraved with War of 1812 Battle Artifact
image: dg_pierce Darting Gun by Eben Pierce Artifact