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image: etched_into_art_scrimshaw Etched into Art: Scrimshaw at Mystic Seaport Video
image: full_steam Sabino: Full Steam Ahead Video
image: sabino_bell_system Sabino Bell System Video
image: installing_deck_prisms Installing Deck Prisms Video
image: moving_wr_grace Moving the W.R. Grace Painting Video
image: charting_the_coast Charting the Coast: The Atlantic Neptune Video
image: russell_potter_public_talk Relics of Surpassing Interest: The Franklin Expedition on Display, 1854-2018 Video
image: whaleboat_row_lock Whaleboat Row Lock Video
image: berean_scale_model Digital Hallway: Interdisciplinary Scale Model "Hometown" Project Video
image: use_a_sextant How to Use a Sextant Video
image: barrel_raise Chantey Demo: Barrel Raise Video
image: digital_hallway_curran Digital Hallway: Persuasive Writing - Sell a Dead Whale Video
image: digital_hallway_felegian Digital Hallway: Field Trip Recall Video
image: sail_raise Chantey Demo: Sail Raise Video
image: digital_hallway_keska Digital Hallway: Historical Fiction/Artifact Analysis Field Trip Video
image: digital_hallway_ruggiero Digital Hallway: Investigation and Debate Video
image: digital_hallway_kelly Digital Hallway: Sea Chanties and School Band Video
image: digital_hallway_gustafson Digital Hallway: Music and Cultural Connections Around the World Video
image: digital_hallway_aubrey Digital Hallway: Exploration of African American Contributions to Maritime Industries Video
image: dh_stock_certificates Digital Hallway: Stock Certificate Word Cloud Video