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image: dg_pierce Darting Gun by Eben Pierce Artifact
image: crapo_portrait Portrait of Captain and Mrs. Crapo Artifact
image: baleen_corset_stays Baleen Corset Stays Artifact
image: dgiron_ajp Changing Whaling Technology Artifact Peter Emanuel
image: 1962_1030 Mystic River Platinum Print Artifact
image: engraving_frolic_seymour "Capture of H.B.M. Sloop of War Frolic By the U.S. Sloop of War WASP" Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: 1976_161_8 Portrait of a Man Wearing Masonic Regalia Artifact
image: litho_wasp_claudus "U.S. corvette Wasp opening fire on brig Frolic" Artifact
image: tortshell_stays Tortoise Shell Corset Stays Artifact
image: pico_whale_guts Azorean Whaling - Cutting In, Part 2 Artifact
image: pico_whale_crowd Azorean Whaling - A Crowd Gathers Artifact
image: pico_whale_cut Azorean Whaling - Cutting In Artifact
image: pico_town Lajes do Pico Artifact
image: pico_town_volcano Lajes do Pico, With View of Volcano Artifact
image: haida_carving Haida Indian carving "Nor'westman" Artifact
image: pico_whale_teeth Azorean Whale Teeth Artifact
image: poster_victory Recruiting poster, "On the job for victory" Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: blue_whale_fetuses Jar of Blue Whale Fetuses Artifact
image: 1977_92_1294 Fire at Gilbert Block, Mystic, CT - 1915 Artifact
image: 1939_1987 Whalebone "Crown of Thorns" Artifact