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image: immigrant_ship_drawing "On Board Ship from Hamburg" Artifact
image: tortshell_eyeglasses Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses Artifact
image: walrus_tusk_club Walrus Tusk Club Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: castle_garden_stereograph Emigrant Landing Depot Artifact
image: angel_island_postcard "U.S. Immigration Station, Angel Island, Cal." Artifact
image: eskimo_umiak Model of Eskimo Umiak Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: adult_wood_snow_goggles Adult Sized Wooden Snow Goggles Artifact
image: spicer_inuit_outfit Cross-Cultural Clothing Artifact Sally Motycka
image: ash_splint_basket Native American Ash Splint Basket Artifact
image: native_basket_1 New England Native American Basket Artifact
image: whale_eyeball Whale Eyeball Artifact
image: rls_photo Photograph of Robert Louis Stevenson Artifact
image: galena_civil_war Mystic Made Artifact Dr. Paul Goodwin
image: lacquer_tray Japanese Lacquer Tray Artifact
image: sawfish_bill Sawfish Bill Artifact
image: poetic_tooth Poetic Tooth Artifact
image: shark_tooth_sword Shark Tooth Sword Artifact
image: mother_bailey Portrait of "Mother Bailey" Artifact
image: lure Lure Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: corset Corset Artifact