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image: morgan_cabin_photo Captain's Day Cabin Artifact
image: tintype_portrait_three_men Tintype Portrait of Three Men Artifact
image: alaskan_canoes_stereograph Alaskan Indian Canoes Artifact
image: greene_whale_stamp Capt. Samuel Greene Whale Stamp Artifact
image: pewter_lamp Pewter Whale Oil Lamp Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: carved_anthracite_tooth Carved Anthracite Artifact
image: whaleboats_tow_era Four Whaleboats Towing Whaling Schooner Era Artifact
image: era_prep_winter Crew Preparing Whaling Schooner Era For Winter Artifact
image: cwm_advertisement Sperm Oil Advertisement Artifact
image: fuji_postcard "Fuji from Kashiwabara, Japan" Artifact
image: leaf_whale_stamp Leaf Handle Whale Stamp Artifact
image: queen_mary_postcard "The Queen Mary in New York Harbor" Artifact
image: 1976_166_217 Town & W. Morgan's Docks, Noank, CT Artifact
image: woman's_indigo_dress Woman's Indigo Dress Artifact
image: litho_sperm_whaling_capture "Sperm Whaling No. 2 - The Capture" Artifact
image: tooth_whale_stamp Tooth-Handled Whale Stamp Artifact
image: great_northern_rorqual "Great Northern Rorqual" Artifact
image: northern_rorqual_skeleton "Skeleton of the Great Northern Rorqual" Artifact
image: pinkham_whale_stamp Whale Stamp by Seth Pinkham Artifact
image: baleen_whale_stamp Baleen Whale Stamp Artifact