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image: teamwork_poster "Teamwork Builds Ships" Poster Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: cutting_in_right_whale_5 Cutting in a Right Whale: View 5 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_10 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 10 Artifact
image: cutting_in_view_15 Cutting in a Sperm Whale: View 15 Artifact
image: south_sea_whale_aquatint "South Sea Whale Fishery" Aquatint Engraving Artifact Mystic Seaport Staff
image: earle_child_deck One of the Earle Children on the Deck Artifact
image: wet_card_compass Wet Card Compass Artifact
image: stereograph_card_ellis_island Stereograph Card of Ellis Island Artifact
image: metis_stereograph The Sinking of Metis Artifact Amanda Keenan
image: taylor_auger Auger Artifact
image: taylor_twine_bundle Bundle of Waxed Twine Artifact
image: blackfish_spear Blackfish Spear Artifact
image: taylor_screwdriver_handle Screwdriver Handle Artifact
image: immigration_honolulu "U.S. Immigration Station, Honolulu," 1910 Artifact
image: taylor_sailmaker_palm_two Sailmaker's Palm by A. Shrimpton & Sons Artifact
image: ellis_island_stereograph Ellis Island Stereograph Card Artifact
image: wwii_poster World War II Poster Artifact
image: bone_snow_goggles Bone Snow Goggles Artifact
image: taylor_gimlet Gimlet Artifact
image: taylor_wedge Wedge Artifact